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Guide To The Top Places To Shop In Spain


You may have only visited Spain for a summer holiday, but it doesn’t take long to be whisked away in the magic of this fantastic country.

There’s many mystical and enchanting places to see in Spain, but one of the main attractions is the shopping experience, whether you are in Madid, Barcelona or any of the other many Spanish towns or cities.

Madrid Shopping

There are many wonderful places to shop, but if you have a limited amount of time then check out the Madrid Shopping Tour.

The Madrid Shopping Tour is an organised shopping trip, especially for tourists, to take you around all the best shopping areas. Just let them know what you are looking to buy and how many people will be in your shopping party and the Madrid Shopping Tour will plan your itinerary for you. Just pick up the Madrid Personalised shopping bags and shop from dawn to dusk.

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Experience The Joy And Culture of Valencia, Spain


Spain really does have it all, with the golden beaches in the south to the mountainous terrain in the north.

With the sunshine comes the bars and restaurants, which are such an intergrated part of spanish culture.  The locals treat the bars as special places, where they are not just a place to drink, but a place to socialise with their friends, celebrate special occasions and watch football.

There are over 350,000 different bars and restaurants.  Spain has a population of 47.2 million people and according to a recent study, there is one bar for every 132 people, which is amazing and is the current record across the world for the most bars for one person.

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